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Why StaffingOnDemand?

With the increasing number of those infected by the COVID-19, staffing will continue to become a significant factor impacting senior living communities.

CaringOnDemand will empower your communities with the following:

  1. A scalable staffing solution, both pre-scheduled or on-demand
  2. A national network of vetted providers
  3. Request caregivers anytime with one-touch


What is StaffingOnDemand?

CaringOnDemand is a national network of licensed home care providers who are available to service your communities on-demand.

By using CaringOnDemand's uniform care delivery platform, we can ensure all care is being provided to the highest level of professionalism, on time and with provider oversight.


What are the latest COVID-19 Protocols?

We have significantly updated our policies and protocols to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus. We are actively reviewing updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local and state health departments.

Enhanced infection controls:

All network providers are required to follow these protocols:

  • If a network caregiver exhibits any flu-like symptoms, we re-staff and filling shifts with another caregiver. We've also updated and expanded our clearance process for any caregivers returning to work after being sick. We're not penalizing caregivers, rather actively encouraging them to stay home if they feel sick. 

Caregiver safety precautions

  • We're sending frequent reminders to all caregivers and reiterating the importance of taking universal precautions, including through, frequent handwashing and using disinfectants. 
  • We're making key safety tools available to caregivers, including hand sanitizer, flu shots, and gloves.
  • We're honoring requests that caregivers take their temperature before shifts/visits and are in the process of rolling out a requirement that they do so before each shift.

What does your network coverage look like?

The map below represents our current network partners.

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 5.06.41 PM

What are the National Network Eligibility Standards?

  1. PERSONNEL QUALIFICATIONS: Each provider and all employees in the network are screened and qualified per their position, and comply with applicable state laws and regulations.
  2. BACKGROUND CHECKS: Network partners perform background checks on all caregivers.
  3. PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION: To the extent that network partners come info contact with identifiable health information, network partners maintain such information to meet all mandatory regulations, including HIPAA.

How does it work?

Request caregivers whenever you need with the push of a button, both scheduled or on-demand. You'll know when caregivers are arriving and what they are doing and when they are there. 


What analytics are available?

Only the most responsive providers remain in the network and are based on average turn around time to staff a shift. We also track quality initiatives and comprehensive feedback on all providers.


How much does it cost?

StaffingOnDemand is a free platform, there is no cost to use the technology platform. 

Rates depend on location and the type of staff required.

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