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What is CaringOnDemand?

How does CaringOnDemand fit into my business?

In today's senior care environment, providers must come together to collaborate, not compete, and leverage their knowledge base and personnel at a time when older adults need it most.

CaringOnDemand is a technology-based provider network that delivers quality on-demand and scheduled care when and where families need it the most.

Let’s look at what a home care technology solution like CaringOnDemand actually does.

Due to logistical and operational roadblocks, many home care agencies enforce hourly minimums. The average minimums in the United States typically fall within the 4-6 hours per visit. Many families don't need that much care, but are forced with the decision to overpay for the care they don't need, or risking injury by not getting any care whatsoever.

Enter CaringOnDemand, a new service line for your business that will enable you to capture potential clients who need less than 4 hours of care per visit.

Why Join the CaringOnDemand Care Network?

What is the Care Network?

Home care providers want to grow their referral volume, but the market is becoming increasingly competitive, making it challenging to attract partners such as senior living communities, hospitals, and ACOS.

CaringOnDemand is partnering with owners and operators across the US, and providing residents and families with a more affordable, more efficient home care technology. We are growing our national network of providers to join our team and service these families.

If your home care agency is looking for more revenue, census, and referral partners while having the ability to service more families in your community, contact us below. 

Here's one of our network partners talking about how CaringOnDemand helps his business: