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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For Families and Seniors

What is CaringOnDemand?
CaringOnDemand is a new kind of home care service that connects you to your local home care  caregiver you can request scheduled or on-demand for as little or as long as needed.
How much does CaringOnDemand cost?
CaringOnDemand rates depend on where you lis a free mobile application you can download anytime
Is it safe to use CaringOnDemand?

Just as you care for the safety of your loved ones, it is our top priority as well. All caregivers have had extensive background checks and are employed by a certified home care agency.

Unlike hiring a caregiver on your own, you don't have to worry about employer or tax obligations.

Why should I Use CaringOnDemand?
CaringOnDemand offers on-demand and scheduled home care visits that you can book from your phone, computer, or simply by calling. CaringOnDemand is the only homecare service without hourly minimums, so you or a loved one can receive care for only as long as needed.
How long are CaringOnDemand visits?

CaringOnDemand visits are billed by the minute, with no hourly minimums. So, visits can be as short or as long as you like, whether its just 10 minutes to remind mom to take her medicine or a couple of hours of assistance for dad.

How is CaringOnDemand different?
With CaringOnDemand, you get the security and supervision from a home care agency without the 4-hour visit minimums.  
Is CaringOnDemand really on demand?
Yes! With CaringonDemand, you can request a caregiver for you or a loved one ASAP. Most visits are filled within the hour. Check with your CaringOnDemand certified agency on official availability in your area.
How much does a CaringOnDemand visit cost?
The price of a CaringOnDemand visit is determined by location and visit length. Please contact us for rates in your area. 
What type of visit can I request?
We offer three types of visits: ASAP, One-Time, and Recurring. ASAP visits are best if you would like your caregiver to arrive within the hour. One-time visits are best if you are looking to get care at a specific time in the day, or if you’re looking to schedule a visit for a later date. Recurring visits are the way to go if you’d like to set up a recurring schedule with a caregiver on a weekly or daily basis.