Frequently Asked Questions

StaffingOnDemand Program

General Questions

For Network Providers

What is CaringOnDemand?
CaringOnDemand is an on-demand home care technology company. For the past 5 years, CaringOnDemand has been helping home care providers provide an Uber-style homecare service to families who didn't need the traditional 4-hour minimums that many home care agencies require. Now, families could receive all the protections of working with a licensed agency without the hourly minimum restrictions. Our network partners could now service a younger demographic and care for them longer.
What is StaffingOnDemand?

Naturally, the CaringOnDemand program operated nicely in senior living communities for residents who only needed 30 minutes or an hour getting ready for the day. Caregivers could easily go from one apartment to the next, using our mobile app that calculated visit times by the minute. 

With COVID, things have shifted. These same national senior living operators said, instead of our residents requesting care, what if we could use your platform to request staffing support from your provider network.

StaffingOnDemand was born. Same technology, different client. Executive directors around the country are now using the technology to request shifts from our national provider network.

How much does StaffingOnDemand cost?
StaffingOnDemand is a free service for our provider network, and your home care agency is paid based on your standard hourly bill rate.
How long are StaffingOnDemand visits?

StaffingOnDemand shifts are typically 8 hours or longer.

Partnership Questions

Legal and other FAQs

Do my caregivers have any protections?

Yes, there is a minimum 1-year non-solicitation with all operators.

What are the payment terms?

We establish 30-day terms with most of our national operators.

How long are the shifts?

We are seeing requests for 8-hour shifts on average.