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By: David Lohmann on October 10th, 2018

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What Do On-Demand Home Caregivers Do for Seniors?



What Do On-Demand Home Caregivers Do for Seniors? v2

Since returning from the hospital, Mabel has noticed she doesn’t have the energy to cook healthy dinners for herself and her husband. Fortunately, her daughter Tanya has been stopping by every Tuesday with food to stick in the freezer for Mabel to reheat throughout the week. Mabel is anticipating Tanya’s weekly visit tomorrow when she receives a call. Tanya has been traveling for work and her flight has been delayed. She will be stuck in Cleveland through Wednesday. Mabel is beside herself with worry—what will she do for meals this week?

Caregiving duties can be difficult and full of unexpected inconveniences. Family members and aging adults can enjoy some peace of mind when they bolster their support team with on-demand caregiving.

On-demand caregiving combines technology and assistance, giving a helping hand to seniors throughout the country. While the on-demand service trend started years ago, thanks to companies such as Uber and the like, healthcare services have started catching up. Thanks to app development and the creativity of healthcare professionals looking to reach patients in their own homes, on-demand caregiving is now a viable option for seniors living at home who are looking for additional assistance or socialization.

Mabel doesn’t have to worry about rallying the energy to prepare meals this week. She can enlist the help of an experienced and caring helper from an on-demand caregiving agency.

Help When You Need It

Most seniors choose to live at home for as long as they can, forgoing admission to nursing homes or other senior living communities. However, living at home can come with its own set of obstacles.

For many seniors, like Mabel, and the family members who love them, it can be challenging to find qualified assistance and still feel safe. On-demand caregiving offers peace of mind by giving clients the chance to work with an established agency, while also providing the convenience that more traditional home care agencies simply do not offer. Senior clients can book on-demand caregiving ahead of time or at the time of need, ensuring they receive the assistance they need to stay safe and independent at home.

With on-demand caregiving, you have the ability to request extra help when your loved one heads home from the hospital after a procedure, or assistance when you are traveling for work and can’t make your usual safety checks. Seniors can ask for an extra visit when they are feeling lonely in the wintertime, or for someone to shuttle them off to their book club’s annual holiday party.

Assistance Tailored to Your Needs

Seniors living at home alone, or with a partner, can benefit from a variety of services right in the home. Having this extra assistance not only keeps seniors more healthy and safe, but also offers the opportunity to socialize with a friendly face. On-demand caregiving agencies offer services ranging from help with care tasks to help with house chores.

Help with care tasks

Seniors living alone at home can struggle with chronic pain or complex medical conditions. On-demand caregivers can provide needed assistance to keep seniors feeling—and looking—their best. Care tasks can include:

  • Help with personal hygiene
  • Bathing assistance
  • Toileting or incontinence care
  • Dressing assistance
  • Morning or nighttime care

Help with house chores

On-demand caregivers can also provide assistance with chores around the house that are necessary for the health of the home. Examples of these chores include:

  • Assistance with grocery shopping and preparing nutritious meals
  • Caring for beloved pets
  • Providing transportation to and from community activities or physician appointments
  • Housekeeping

Non-Medical vs. Medical Assistance

On-demand caregiving agencies offer compassionate and dedicated caregivers who can assist with a variety of non-medical tasks at home. However, these caregivers cannot provide direct medical care. On-demand caregivers are not physicians or therapists and cannot perform medical services. They can, however, accompany seniors to their doctor or therapist appointments and provide reminders to keep up with follow-up orders from the doctor’s office.

On-demand caregivers are also not repair professionals. They should not be used for maintenance purposes, such as for fixing an appliance or installing grab bars. Instead, think of on-demand caregivers as loving friends who provide crucial non-medical services that allow for healthy and independent living.

Building Trust

Many seniors may be wary about inviting a stranger into their home, and loved ones may share this concern. It is wise to carefully vet caregivers invited into your home! However, once seniors can build trust with outside caregivers, their health will benefit. According to an article published in Global Qualitative Nursing Research, studies have demonstrated that a strong relational bond between seniors and their caregivers results in successful proactive home visits for seniors who are frail and at risk for health complications.

When you work with a reputable on-demand caregiving agency, you can rest easy that the caregivers you work with are fully vetted. At CaringOnDemand, we partner with the top licensed providers who run full background checks on all the caregivers, and we only allow individuals with clean checks—free of abuse, fraud, or other serious issues—to work with our clients. Furthermore, we check certifications and licenses through professional regulatory services. We only send our very best to you.

On-demand caregiving can provide seniors, and the families who love them, with additional assistance as it is needed. If you want to know more about how on-demand caregiving works or are ready to start your on-demand services soon, click here.

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