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By: David Lohmann on May 29th, 2019

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How is Technology Asssiting Senior Home Care Agencies?

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Are you looking for ways to improve your senior home care business and reach more potential clients? Fortunately, technology offers new and exciting opportunities to help senior home care agencies reach more customers, improve operations, and generate more revenue. Here are some ways your agency can leverage new applications and developments in technology for these better outcomes.


Understand How Seniors Are Already Using Technology

In more and more industries, the best way to connect with customers today is through technology, but before you can use technology to your advantage, you first need to understand how your target market uses it in daily life. Think about how seniors use technology in relation to home care. One beneficial development in home care technology is the ability to schedule care using apps and websites now.

Similar to other industries allowing you to schedule transportation with a single click, you can now offer mobile app platforms to make booking care easier for either a senior or their family members. This allows for convenient booking, and you’re able to connect with more clients in your area. You increase visibility and make your home care agency and caregivers more accessible to new clients.

Alleviate the Pain Points of Seniors And Your Caregivers

Technology has undoubtedly made many aspects of life more convenient. One way to use technology to your advantage is to alleviate the pain points of both your customers and your employees. Let’s look at the challenges seniors face, first.

Many seniors and their families struggle with the minimum hourly visit requirements some agencies hold them to. Hourly minimums may dissuade seniors from scheduling care because they’re concerned about price. If you’re still requiring seniors to schedule visits that are four or more hours long, you may want to rethink that approach. Senior home care technology can make it easier to embrace a pay-by-the-minute model.

New apps focused on senior home care, like CaringOnDemand, can make a pay-by-the-minute model possible. Timing visits and automating the payment process makes this aspect of care far more convenient for seniors. Plus, if you eliminate the minimum visit length requirement, your caregivers can visit more seniors, broadening your client base.

Now, let’s consider a key pain point for caregivers: they often feel that pay is too low, despite all their hard work caring for seniors. New technological offerings like CaringOnDemand can offer double traditional pay rates. Because seniors and your employees will no longer be bound by traditional minimum visit times, your caregivers can see more seniors. The more seniors they are able to visit, the more they can make in a day.

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Connect with Seniors Earlier in Their Aging Journey

Long-term relationships with seniors who need care lead to an increase in stable income for your business. However, it can be hard to reach seniors early in their aging journey. As seniors may slowly need assistance with very small tasks on an irregular basis, they may not believe they are ready for home care yet or they may be reluctant to reach out.

However, through technology seniors can become familiar with your agency and the services you offer. If a senior only needs help with small tasks, they can use apps to test out receiving home care, while incurring little cost. This is primarily due to the pay-by-the-minute model, with no minimums. Apps like CaringOnDemand also allow seniors to select the specific tasks they need assistance with, so their care needs can be as minimal as they like.

Then, as a senior’s needs grow with age, you will have a customer that is already loyal to your senior home care agency and familiar with your caregivers. You can cultivate a steady stream of business which turns into recurring revenue.

Reduce Administrative Burden of Scheduling, Billing, and More

Finally, new developments in technology can make operations easier for leaders and administrators in your business. Do you feel burdened or overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork involved with simply billing your clients? New apps can automate your entire billing process.

CaringOnDemand, for example, allows clients to input their payment information when they create an account with the app. Each at-home care visit is timed, and when the visit is complete, the client’s card is automatically charged. You don’t have to deal with invoices, checks, or billing. The app handles everything for you. In the same way that charging your client is far easier when you use home care technology, paying your caregivers is easier, too.

You can also easily manage your entire workforce from anywhere. The same apps that can automate client payment enable you to manage a remote workforce. You can ease the administrative burden that comes with every aspect of scheduling and paying your caregivers manually.

Manual scheduling can be an administrative nightmare. Even if your website has a scheduling page, these tools usually aren’t intuitive. CaringOnDemand enables seniors to request care the minute they need it. Caregivers in their area are alerted to the request, and seniors can even schedule recurring visits as needed.

In addition to making these administrative struggles easier, these conveniences allow you to return your attention to other aspects of your job, like growing your business or ensuring customer satisfaction. You’re no longer weighed down by the tedious tasks associated with this aspect of your business.

Ultimately, there’s no need to be wary of new senior home care technology. These tools can be used to improve your business processes and eliminate many administrative tasks from your schedule. You can identify ways to better serve your clients and alleviate pains your caregivers are facing, as well. With new tools like CaringOnDemand, running a more profitable business is easier than ever.

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