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By: David Lohmann on May 29th, 2019

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How to Take Advantage of Technology for Senior Care

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 It seems like technology has transformed every aspect of modern life. It only makes sense that technology has impacted senior home care, too. Today, seniors have more care options than ever, and with new developments in senior home care technology, connecting their needs to the appropriate option is easier than ever.


Seniors and Technology: How New Options are Revolutionizing Care

If seniors want to wade through the numerous senior care options to find the right one for them, technology can help. They can find the care they need, whether that’s in a community or in the comfort of their own homes. For agencies providing home care, it’s important to understand how seniors can use technology to find care and how you can leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage in that search. Explore how the new relationship between care for seniors and technology can benefit your agency.

How has technology changed senior care? Let’s look at two ways in which technology for seniors has changed both how they find and manage care.

Easier for Seniors to Find the Resources They Need

In the past, it may have seemed like there were really only two options for senior care – a nursing home or senior community. If you have been in the senior care industry for long or you have experience arranging senior care for a loved one, you may remember the limited options of the past. In contrast, today’s technology makes it easier than ever for seniors to research all the options available to them and determine which care path is ideal for their needs. This is beneficial for home care providers because now you have greater exposure to a larger audience.

However, this can also present some new challenges for senior home care agencies. As your agency gains more exposure, so do all the other senior care options you’re competing with. This means that you need to appeal to seniors and their families who will be researching care options in a whole new way.

The best place to start is by cultivating an informative and appealing web presence. You need a well-designed and easy-to-navigate website full of information about the senior home care services you offer. In this digital age, a strategic web presence is almost as important as the quality of care you provide.

Your website should also be informative. Helpful guides and articles will cultivate trust with your audience of seniors and their family members. If you are an all-in-one resource for information and advice on senior care, potential clients are more likely to choose you over a competitor. Families of seniors want to feel like their loved one is receiving care from an industry leader, so be sure to communicate the value of your expertise on your website.

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Access to New Technology for Senior Home Care

Many people would believe their family can’t afford home care, as this is the most personalized, convenient care choice for seniors. However, with today’s technology, senior home care is both more affordable and more accessible than ever. A number of modern tools make it easier for seniors to stay in their own homes and for their families to ensure they’re receiving top care. This is great news for senior home care agencies, because the more seniors there are staying in their homes, the more potential clients you can reach.

Here are a few apps and technological tools that make home care possible for a growing number of families:

  • Wearable Technology - One of the greatest fears families face when it comes to seniors staying in their own homes is that they may experience a fall or severe injury and no one will be there to help. Wearable technology like fall detectors alert family members in the event of an incident. These modern fall detectors are small and convenient, with some being similar to fitness trackers.
  • Medication Management Apps - Managing medication is a challenge for many seniors. As they are prescribed more and more medication, it can be difficult to keep up with which doses should be taken at what time. Medication apps and reminders can alert seniors when it’s time to take their medication, removing the burden of remembering from their shoulders.
  • Wander Prevention and GPS Technology - Many seniors struggle with memory loss as they age. Confusion at night or the tendency to wander off can be scary for families and is often a catalyst for a move to assisted living. However, affordable wander prevention alarms and GPS trackers can help families keep an eye on their senior loved ones, even if they’re not there with them.
  • Cameras - Many families may still feel uncomfortable with a stranger coming into their home to care for their parent. Even though the vast majority of caregivers are kind and professional, families still want to ensure their loved one is well cared for. Wi-fi-connected cameras are the visual equivalent of a baby monitor. Families can log into an app and watch their parent with a small camera placed in their home. This allows them to continuously monitor the safety of their loved one.
  • Requesting Care Online - One of the greatest outcomes of senior home care technology today is the ability for families to connect with and request home care online. This has greatly increased the convenience of senior home care. Now, care can be requested on demand, and agencies have a whole new revenue stream from clients requesting visits online. A service like CaringOnDemand easily connects seniors with qualified caregivers in their area, a similar concept to rideshare apps like Lyft or Uber. Now, a senior or their family members can request care with a single click.

Although technology is changing the landscape of senior home care, it’s also opening up a number of new opportunities for home care agencies. You can reach more clients and schedule more visits than ever before. If you want to stay on the forefront of modern senior home care, you should embrace these technological developments and use them to your advantage.

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