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By: David Lohmann on June 11th, 2019

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How Much Money Do In-Home Senior Caregivers Make?


For many in-home caregivers, caring for and supporting seniors is a calling, and while they may enjoy the work they do, caregivers also need to make sure they have enough money in the bank to cover the bills. How much do in-home senior caregivers make? This can be a really lucrative career path, if you understand all the factors that impact your earning potential. Most traditional home care professionals make between $10 and $13 on average. However, some cities and states are now passing laws to increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour, which could be great news for caregivers.

Minimum wage increases aren’t your only path to earning more, though. Caregivers who provide services on an on-demand basis can earn up to $20 an hour. The on-demand care model is similar to other on-demand, technology-based services, like Uber or Lyft. Instead of pre-scheduled visits or minimum visit requirements, seniors can schedule care as they need it, for as long as they need it.

Before we dive into some of the benefits of on-demand care, let’s look at the factors that impact how much in-home caregivers are paid. If you’re considering a career in senior home care, it’s important to know more about in-home caregiver pay.

What Factors Impact How Much Caregivers Make?

Your Certifications and Training

As with any job, when you have certifications and training, your earning potential generally increases. Earning certifications demonstrates to seniors and their families that you have all the skills necessary to provide quality in-home care. Some certifications that can impact your earning potential include:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)
  • Home Health Aide (HHA)

Specialty training can impact how much you make, too. Memory care training helps you better care for seniors with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. With this training, you can provide expert and highly specialized care. Families are often willing to pay more for caregivers with this training.

Amount of Shifts

The more shifts you work, the more you can earn. One benefit that draws many caregivers to the home care line of work is the flexibility you have to create your own schedule. You can choose to work as many or as few shifts as you want. Working overnight or holiday shifts often enable you to earn more per hour, as these can be inconvenient times for some caregivers.

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Working Directly with Seniors or Their Families

While some in-home caregivers choose to work through an agency, you can sometimes earn more if you work directly with seniors or their families. This cuts out the middleman – the agency – and increases your income, as there are few overhead costs and expenses.

Although you can earn more by working directly with families, this path also requires a little more work. You have to seek out or find a way to connect with families to get their business. It can also be harder to schedule enough shifts or hours for this to be full-time employment. If you want to earn enough to avoid working through an agency, you may have to invest time into marketing your services or reach out to assisted living communities or nursing homes to find enough work.

Working through a Traditional Home Care Agency

The reason many senior home care professionals choose to work with agencies is because they do much of the administrative work. The hard part – finding and scheduling work – is taken care of for you. However, agencies do take a cut of your pay to cover administrative costs. And, you may not be able to work the number of hours you want as demand increases or decreases.

Another hurdle that could stand in your way when working with a home care agency is the time minimum for visits. Most agencies require seniors to schedule visits for a minimum amount of time (usually about four hours) whether the seniors need that long of a visit or not. This means you probably will only visit two to three seniors per day, which puts a cap on how much you can earn. So, if a senior only needs help with a few small tasks, some of your time could be wasted waiting for the four-hour visit to be completed when you could be assisting other seniors.

Working through a CaringOnDemand Certified Agency

Technology makes it possible to improve the way you find and schedule clients for senior home care. One tool that you can use to increase your earning potential is CaringOnDemand. This app allows seniors to schedule care when they need it, notifying nearby caregivers that their help is requested. This on-demand model of scheduling care offers a number of benefits for caregivers.

First, when you use CaringOnDemand, you can earn around double your normal rates. On average, senior home care professionals using CaringOnDemand can earn about $21 per hour. With this model, you’re not tied to four-hour-minimum visit lengths. You can visit seniors and spend the amount of time with them that they actually need.

Because these hourly visit restrictions have been removed, you can work with more seniors and their families. You can visit more clients per day, which builds up your client base. Although CaringOnDemand does allow seniors to schedule care when they need it, they can also plan visits ahead of time, giving you a better idea of your upcoming schedule.

You also have the freedom to work the schedule you want to work. An app like CaringOnDemand allows you to simply log on when you’re free to work and accept the care request you want to accept. You have total control over your own hours.

If you’re considering a future as a senior home care professional, there’s never been a better time to start on this path. With an app like CaringOnDemand, you have greater control over how much you can earn as a home care professional. You can reach more clients, while still avoiding the administrative challenges of scheduling and working with clients on your own. CaringOnDemand is the ideal tool if you want to earn more, while still enjoying the flexibility benefits this profession offers.

Are you interested in becoming a senior home care professional? If so, learn how CaringOnDemand can help.

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