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By: David Lohmann on May 14th, 2019

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How Home Care Providers Can Keep Up with Growing Demand

Home Care Providers

Is your home care agency struggling to stay profitable while also keeping up with the aging Baby Boomer population? The home care demand is constantly rising with 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 each day. Soon, many of those Baby Boomers will need care. By 2050, there will be 83.7 million people in the United States who are 65 years old or older, which is nearly twice as many senior citizens as there were in 2012.

Home Care Providers

Home care is a great option for these seniors because agencies like yours can provide a wide spectrum of care in the comfort of the client’s own home. While an increase in your target market might seem like it’s good for business, in many ways, home care providers will struggle to keep up with the growing demand.

How can senior home care businesses meet the aging population demand while getting more customers and increasing revenue? Let’s look at a few strategies to help your agency keep up with the growing demand.

How to Meet the Aging Population Demand while Increasing Business

What are seniors and their families looking for in senior home care businesses? Here are some attributes you should highlight in your business.

Attention to Industry Standards

Demonstrating that you have a team of experienced caregivers will both draw in clients and increase your credibility. Employing skilled caregivers who have been vetted and certified shows clients and their families that your business only employs caregivers that live up to your standards.

In addition to demonstrating the skills of your team members, you should also demonstrate that your agency is an industry leader, as well. Being insured and bonded shows clients that you are both proactive and confident in the skills of your professional caregivers.

Flexibility for Scheduling

Families and seniors want flexibility in terms of scheduling. Not all care needs arise within standard business hours. But by offering flexible availability times, your seniors and their care team can schedule care that is convenient for their needs.

Providing off-hours visits, on-call caregivers, and on-demand offerings will give you a competitive advantage over other agencies in your area. If a senior needs assistance now, they will choose your business over a competitor that requires advanced notice. Remember – the market isn't only directed to help seniors, but their family caregivers, too. If a family member is usually the one who provides care but is unavailable, they may choose one of your agency’s caregivers because they are available on short notice.

New Alternatives to Traditional Four-Hour Minimums

While most agencies still require seniors to pay for a minimum number of hours per visit, this is a pricing model that you may want to leave behind. The traditional four-hour minimum model could actually be costing your business money as caregivers wait between tasks or spend far longer at a client’s home than is necessary, leading to poor client satisfaction.

Four-hour minimums can often work as a deterrent for seniors that may only need an hour or two of help. Seniors don't want to feel like a burden to their families, and may avoid scheduling a visit if they know their family members will pay for hours of care they don’t need.

These minimums are often behind the common misconception that home care is too expensive. By moving to a more flexible pricing model, like care-by-the-minute pricing, your agency could generate more revenue. This model increases your frequency of sales, and allows your caregivers to connect with more clients than ever before.

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How it Works


A great way to incentivize new clients to test out or sign up with your agency is by offering a free trial visit. This provides potential clients with a low-risk way to get familiar with a home care provider and see if this option could be right for their care needs. They may also see that senior home care services significantly improved their day or week, making them eager to sign up for their next visit.

You can also incentivize current clients by offering a referral bonus. This bonus, which could be a free visit or a percentage off their next visit, encourages your clients to spread the word about your senior care agency. A personal referral from someone currently using your business could have a big impact on potential clients. The more clients someone refers, the more bonuses they receive.


Finally, one of the best ways to gain new clients and keep your current clients coming back for more is by providing them with a hassle-free experience. So many consumer decisions are driven by convenience, and the easier you make it to partner with your agency, to more clients you will sign up and retain. How can you provide a more convenient experience? Technology offers some exciting options.

New technology and digital tools can make it easier than ever for seniors to schedule and manage care. The ability to request on-demand care via a mobile app with the click of a button takes the hassle out of home care. Even if the seniors themselves aren’t the ones using the using it, an app like CaringOnDemand still alleviates the burden on the family, who can request care even if they are a long-distance caregiver.

By making care easier to schedule and manage, you provide a positive customer experience for both seniors and their families. Plus, your agency stays in alignment with current consumer trends in an increasingly digital world.

Standing Apart from the Competition

For your agency to stay ahead of the Baby Boomer care demand, you need to find features and customer offerings that set your business apart from the competition. To make your entire scheduling and care management process easier and more profitable, you can partner with a solution like CaringOnDemand, which was designed specifically for senior home care agencies and their clients.

CaringOnDemand is a digital platform that makes it easy to connect with new customers and maximize your revenue stream. Clients simply log on, request care, and a caregiver nearby is notified. Visits are billed with a care-by-the-minute pricing structure, and much of the scheduling and invoicing burden is taken off your shoulders. If you want to keep up with the growing need for home care, a partner like CaringOnDemand could be the perfect option for your senior home care business.

Want to learn more about CaringOnDemand? Check out this video to find out everything you need to know.

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