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By: David Lohmann on April 22nd, 2019

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7 Benefits of Technology for Seniors

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Technology. That might seem like a scary word to a lot of seniors, but it doesn’t have to be! Seniors can benefit from technology just as much, if not more, than any other demographic. This is especially true for seniors that need support, since technology can help them age as safely and independently as possible.

Benefits of Technology for Seniors

Some apps make life easier in ways specifically for seniors, but there are also plenty of non-senior specific technology advances that can greatly improve their quality of life. Let’s look at a few ways technology helps seniors today, and get some ideas on how to help your loved one use technology for seniors in their daily life.

How Seniors Can Benefit from Technology

Connect with Family and Friends

If your senior loved one has family and friends who live far away, technology can open up a whole new world of connection. Social media is one technology for seniors that allows them to easily keep in touch with those they love. Seniors can use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to follow and chat with family members and friends. They can also find senior groups and events to attend, making connections within their community. In fact, Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform by seniors.

Video chat is another way seniors can stay connected with family and friends. Using FaceTime, Skype, or any number of video chat applications, seniors can not only talk to their loved ones, but see them, too. This allows seniors to be part of birthday parties, dance recitals, or even just weekly chats without being physically present. From social media to video chat, they will feel closer to the ones they love, even if they’re states away.


Everyone is forgetful sometimes, and many seniors struggle with memory problems. Technology for seniors like reminder or calendar apps on smartphones or tablets can be a huge help when it comes to both scheduling and remembering events. Reminders can help with personal events like family members’ birthdays or health-related events, like weekly doctor’s appointments or daily medication reminders. Your senior loved one doesn’t have to worry about missing important events anymore when their phone can be their own personal assistant.

Mental Exercise

Seniors who live alone can easily grow bored. One way seniors can keep their minds active is by using technology to learn new things or do brain-stimulating games or activities. With access to technology, seniors can do everything from learning a new language to staying up-to-date on the latest research or news about a topic they’re interested in. Apps like Duolingo or Babbel provide a fun way to become familiar with new languages, using games and activities to make learning easier.

Seniors can also play brain-stimulating games to keep their memories sharp. Online puzzle games like Words With Friends allow seniors to play with partners all over the world while ensuring their minds are engaged and healthy.

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Technology has fundamentally made life more convenient. From ordering groceries for delivery to shopping online, technology has improved life in so many ways. There are a few ways technology for seniors can make life especially convenient. Some seniors have trouble with vision, but with apps that can read your phone screen aloud, they don’t have to squint or get their glasses to try to make out small letters. Seniors can also download other apps to make life a little easier like magnifying glasses, reading lights, flashlights, or even digital hearing tests.


For many seniors, even the ones who still drive, transportation can be an inconvenience. Whether they’re uncomfortable driving at night or need to go someplace that doesn’t have accessible parking, seniors can face a lot of challenges when it comes to getting around. While no one would call Uber or Lyft “senior citizen apps,” they definitely make life a lot easier for seniors getting to various doctor appointments, going grocery shopping, or simply visiting friends. This also allows you or other family members to schedule and pay for rides on your loved one’s behalf.

Emergency Care or Help

Aside from convenience and entertainment, technology for seniors can also increase safety. A huge worry for seniors and their families is that the senior will fall and be unable to get to a phone for help. This is a constant concern especially if your loved one lives alone. Fortunately, personal emergency response systems or fall detectors make it easy for seniors to get help in an emergency.

Seniors can carry buttons around their necks or even wear them on their wrists like common fitness trackers. These are great options for seniors because they serve one purpose – calling for help with the push of a button.

Routine Home Care

If your senior loved one would prefer to stay in their own home, you need to look for care alternatives to senior living communities or nursing homes. Home care is the perfect option, and fortunately, you or your senior loved one can use technology to schedule and manage home care.

Your family shouldn’t wait for an emergency to find home care options for your parent or senior loved one. That’s where on-demand senior care apps, like CaringOnDemand, can be of service. On-demand care means you or your loved one can schedule care whenever it is needed, from ongoing daily, weekly, or monthly to support when a need arises.

CaringOnDemand is designed simply enough for seniors to use themselves, or for family members to schedule care on their behalf. Using the app, you can schedule visits with care professionals, outline the tasks that your loved one needs help with, and manage care into the future.

Technology for seniors can open a lot of doors, from improving healthcare to making life more enjoyable. Help your senior loved one reap the benefits of technology by finding ways to integrate into their daily lives.

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