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By: David Lohmann on September 9th, 2019

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5 Apps that Increase Your Home Care Agency's Success

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It seems like there’s a new app or online platform geared toward businesses popping up each day. Many of these solutions are designed to help improve business operations and increase profitability. However, home care agencies have specific needs – like improving how care is delivered and reaching more seniors and their families than ever before. 

Fortunately, there are always new and emerging technologies that can help home care agencies deliver better care. Explore five apps and online platforms that could help improve your home care agency’s operations.

1. Evernote

Evernote is a popular note taking app for both business and personal use. However, it does a lot more than allowing you to take basic notes. Using it, you can manage projects both large and small, creating notes that are stored across all your devices. This means that from wherever you are, you can access your notes on your phone, tablet, or computer. You can also include voice recordings, making it easier than ever to record your thoughts. 

So, how can Evernote be used in your home care agency? Continuity in care plays an important role in ensuring seniors are receiving quality care. This means extensive note taking about care visits can be valuable for a senior’s entire care team, including other in-home caregivers, family members, physical therapists, and medical professionals. In addition to enabling your team to keep detailed records about every care visit, you can also use it in business operations to better organize projects, prepare for meetings, and more.

2. Hootsuite

Social media plays a key role in the business world today, from promoting your services to connecting with your community and potential clients. But for many home care agency owners and administrators, there are simply not enough hours in the day to manage multiple social media accounts. Still, it is important to maintain and cultivate your online presence. Hootsuite is an online platform that can help you nurture your online audience with ease. 

Hootsuite allows you to schedule social media posts in advance and across many platforms. So, instead of devoting time each day to writing posts, you can instead create these posts in advance and ensure you have a consistent stream of posts across all of your profiles. In addition to making your scheduling and posting more convenient, you can also upgrade your Hootsuite account to include an analytics feature.

With analytics, you can see how your posts are performing, and make decisions based on their outcomes, like deciding which hashtags are most successful or identifying which time of day is best share posts. Using Hootsuite definitely makes social media management less intimidating.

3. CaringOnDemand

CaringOnDemand is a multi-platform solution that can be used by your business, your caregivers, and your clients. This app allows seniors (or their families) to schedule on-demand care, connecting with in-home care professionals in their area. 

  • Home Care Provider Web Portal and Application - Through the agency-facing version of CaringOnDemand, you can complete important business tasks, like billing, reporting, and scheduling. Instead of spending time on manual scheduling and processing payments, you can automate this aspect of your business for greater efficiency.
  • Caregiver Application - Your caregivers can use the app to set their own schedules and connect with clients in their area. When they’re available, caregivers simply log into the app and accept requests as they come in.
  • Client and Family Application - Clients can use their own version of the app to request visits, manage care, and automatically pay via credit or debit card.

CaringOnDemand streamlines your business and makes it easier to increase your client base. It makes it easier for your caregivers to deliver care, and it can free up huge portions of your day through scheduling and payment automation. With CaringOnDemand, you can find a whole new way to run your agency.

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4. The American Red Cross First Aid App

In an emergency situation, this app could be an actual lifesaver. The American Red Cross First Aid app provides tips and actions to take in the event of an emergency. Directions on this app can be helpful in the event of a heart attack, burn, fall, or any number of other injuries. The app is also integrated with 911, making it fast and easy to call for help straight from the app. 

It’s important for your caregivers to download and familiarize themselves with the app before an emergency occurs, so they will know exactly how to use it. In fact, the app is helpful even with minor occurrences like cuts or scrapes. It also might be wise to recommend that your senior clients download the app, as well. 

5. Medscape

The Medscape app is one of the best apps for caregivers to have on their phones. It gives you instant access to clinical answers with the click of a button. Not only can you find medical answers, you can also look up drugs for the recommended dosage and any adverse combinations.

This could prove valuable for caregivers tasked with medication management for their senior clients. You can connect with other medical professionals if you have questions or need advice. Your team of home healthcare providers can even use the Medscape app watch video demonstrations of more than 1,000 clinical procedures. 

Apps to Better Your Home Care Agency

Apps and online platforms can provide great ways to streamline how your agency operated and improve how caregivers engage with your clients. Using these apps, you can find new and better ways to connect with seniors and their families. Download these apps now, and start managing your agency in a whole new way!

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