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By: David Lohmann on June 10th, 2019

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7 Challenges in Finding Qualified Caregiver for Seniors

Home Care Providers

Are you constantly looking for qualified senior caregivers to meet your clients’ needs? Explore some of the most common challenges home care agencies face when looking for qualified senior caregivers, and learn how you can avoid the challenges and attract top talent.

1. Too Many Jobs and Not Enough Staff

Senior home care agencies are in demand like never before. As the Baby Boomer population is reaching retirement age, more and more caregivers will be needed to meet their needs. However, this creates a unique problem for home care agencies as you struggle to balance the growing need for services with finding qualified senior caregivers to meet those needs. When you’re already overloaded with current clients, it can be difficult to prioritize finding new employees to help you meet needs and support your current staff.

The best way to ensure you’re employing enough staff members to offset the demand for care is to plan ahead. You can first develop a strategy on how to hire more caregivers, determining the number of caregivers you actually require. You can also identify your busiest times of the year and plan to hire more people before those seasons.

2. Work is Inconsistent

As with any business, some seasons are busier than others. You may need more staff members on hand during specific times of the year, like holidays or summers when families are traveling and may not be able to tend to the care needs of their loved ones. You also want to avoid employing too many staff members, but not having enough work to keep everyone busy.

One good strategy for dealing with inconsistent workloads is to consider on-call staffing options. With this approach to organizing and delegating work, you can connect with available caregivers, only assigning them care visits as the needs arise.

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3. Finding the Right People

Not only should you employ enough people to meet your senior clients’ needs, you also need qualified employees who are reliable, certified, and experienced. You want to feel confident in the skills of your employees, knowing that they are positive representations of your business. To ensure you’re attracting and retaining the best caregivers, you should partner with another agency or organization that can connect you with potential employees. You can narrow down some of your prospects, ensuring you’re choosing from the best caregivers in your area.

4. Oversaturated Market

Do you feel like your business is getting lost in the overcrowded home care industry? There are more and more home care agencies popping up each day, and it can be difficult to find your competitive advantage.

You need to identify something unique about your agency that can set you apart from your local competition. One way to differentiate yourself from the competition is to hire the best caregivers in the area. When you employ top caregivers, you’ll build lasting relationships with your clients, bolster your reputation, and ensure you’re meeting the needs of seniors and their families.

5. Bound by Lengthy Visits

A common problem that senior home care agencies face, both in terms of efficiency and profitability, is the precedent of lengthy visits. If you’re in the business of senior home care, you’re familiar with the four-hour minimum visit requirements that most agencies have in place. However, when your employees are bound to four-hour visits, they are highly limited in the number of seniors they can visit each day or week. You’ll struggle to attract qualified senior caregivers with such a rigid scheduling structure.

Lengthy visits also make scheduling difficult for your administrative team. These visits make it a challenge to schedule a full day of work for each of your employees. If they work an eight-hour day, they’re only able to see two clients in that time period.

One way many agencies are getting around the four-hour minimum visit requirement is by abandoning it altogether. Instead, you can use an on-demand care model, like the one offered by CaringOnDemand. With this option, seniors can schedule visits for the exact amount of time they need it. This can mean some seniors only need 15 minutes of support, while others need all day and overnight care. Using this model, your caregivers can earn more as they begin to schedule more and more care visits.

6. Need to Adapt to the Changing Workforce

Today, the workforce is changing. A growing number of employees are opting to work from home, saving money and time otherwise dedicated to their commute. For home care agencies, now is the perfect time to adapt to the needs of the changing workforce.

To enable this remote model of work, your employees can leverage home care agency tools like CaringOnDemand. With this tool, you can enable employees to simply log in when they’re available, instead of scheduling clients through traditional methods. Caregivers have greater autonomy, working the hours they choose. This can be highly appealing for qualified senior caregivers.

7. Not Having the Time

Do you ever feel like there’s simply not enough time to get all of your administrative tasks done while still looking for qualified senior home caregivers? Between invoices and client paperwork, it’s unlikely that you've ever had a moment to sit down and develop new strategies for growing and running your business.

The best way to eliminate some of the administrative tasks is to adopt a solution like CaringOnDemand. Because billing is automated, you can remove invoicing and collecting payment from your list of responsibilities. Instead, you can turn your focus back to running your senior home care agency and strategizing the best ways to ensure your operation is a profitable one that will attract qualified senior caregivers.

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